Wednesday, 18 January 2012

One day when I went walking..........

What's New?!!  So many fun and funny things have happened and I have failed miserably  in updating.  How about a story about things that make me smile.  

  I have a dog.  I have a dog and if I don't walk him he goes around the house emptying all the waste baskets and eats holes in the bedding.  Since it is very embarrassing to have people come over and all sorts of unmentionables to be spread to the corners of every room and for stuffing to be strewn like snow everywhere, I try to walk the dog everyday.  This makes for an interesting life (aka the mushroom wrestling which I haven't got to yet and making the lab voice which I haven't got to yet either).  

  So one day, my dog walking partner in crime and our dogs The Latin Lover and R. Montalbon (not their real names but they respond to them),  were out for  a walk in the woods.  On our way back we see a penguin in a tree (in my head now ..."what's on the tellie?" "Looks like a penguin!" "No No!!  I mean what proograms are on").  OK, so its not a real penguin but a little penguin toy from some sort of key chain.  Someone has stuck it in a crevice in the tree bark.

  Many people at this point would just carry on but PIC and I are not your ordinary folks.  Nope we stop to contemplate the existence of the penguin.  Did the original owner put it there?  Did another dog walker or a bear or a squirrel find it and prop it in the tree?  Did they do that so the original owners might find it or just to mess with out heads???? 

 We discussed it for awhile and then before carrying on we moved it....yeah I know.  The next time we passed the same way the penguin was gone.  Did he find his way home?  Did a crow or a squirrel ( SQUIRREL!!!) carry him away?  Did someone hide it on us and are they watching us from the bushes RIGHT NOW!!! ? (Did I mention that PIC and I are both a little paranoid).

Then not that long later we were walking down the beach and there on a log was a lost little girl....

A playschool little girl!!

Somebody is messing with us!   So we had the whole conversation again.  And we moved her.
I don't know if she is still there.  Let us know if you find any little penguins or little girls in your travels.  It would be nice to know it isn't just us.

 I will have to see if PIC has any penguin pictures.  

From the Fashionably Furious Women and the Voices inside our heads,

Have a Happy Day!

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