Saturday, 14 April 2012

Necessity is the mother%ucker of invention or.."WHERE THE %UCK IS MY CUP OF COFFEE!"

Out of necessity I have come up with a new invention this morning.  I am going to create the iCup.  This cup will be for all those coffee drinkers who put down their cup of coffee somewhere in the house and then can't find it.  It always turns up but often it is hours later when the coffee is cold (this is why microwaves were really....a coffee drinker who kept finding their coffee cold invented the microwave to warm the coffee up when they found it...see necessity=invention) or when the coffee has developed a thick moldy scum on top (then you have to throw the whole thing out because you will NEVER use that cup again no matter how much bleach is used).

My one friend offers a quarter to whichever of her children runs around the house and finds the coffee cup.  With me this could turn out to be a dollar a day, $365 dollars a year maybe more because Saturday and Sunday.....

Which brings me to this morning.   I got up early to have a little peaceful time before my children got up (yeah ok so I got up to pee and it seemed like too much of an effort to go back to bed).   I made coffee and was drinking some of it while I started the day.  Then I wanted to check messages on my iPhone so I went to get it and it wasn't where I thought I left it.  Looked around for a bit but I couldn't find it so I went on iCloud and used Find your iPhone to locate it!!  Done! Excellent!  Now where the %uck did I put my coffee?  

 I had not made a pot but rather had taken the extra effort to make myself a latte this morning.  And now that latte was sitting on a bookshelf somewhere growing cold and accumulating mold spores.   And this is when it came to me.  If I made a line of attractive coffee cups with a chip in it like the iPhone.  Once you acquire one of these intelligent beauties you register it online.  That way if you loose your cup you just go on your computer (or your iPhone if you haven't misplaced that too) and press the locate button.  It will even play a little beeping noise or have a voice that calls "Here here I'm over here".

Children may protest that my invention is stealing their jobs but "Hey, you can't stop progress baby"! Plus if us caffeine addicted mommas are sufficiently juiced up there is more likelihood that we won't cover our offspring with cheese and eat them before they reach adulthood.  But that's another story altogether.

Now where the %uck did I put my coffee cup!!!