Sunday, 13 November 2011

Fashionably Furious-The Introduction

 This is the story of a whole bunch of women , all mothers of one age or another, teetering on the brink of insanity.  Fashionably Furious grew out of a series of phone conversations, play-dates, texts, cups of coffee , dog walks (with mushroom wrestling to be explained later).  Fashionably Furious is a collection of the daily antics and conversations between a web of women: friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends.  It is the one thing in our lives that keeps us all from going insane (although we act sort of insane). 

 Fashionably Furious began with one conversation between my friend Louise and I.  Louise's sons play hockey (mine do not).  One day I called Louise and asked her if she could loan me a  hockey bag.  One big enough to fit a 6'3" body (coincidentally my husband's height) or if that wasn't possible then two smaller hockey bags and a chainsaw.  Louise was more than willing to loan a hockey bag and anything else I needed, with no questions asked.  That is what friends are for.

Over the years the story of the hockey bag spread (think Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants with a really really dark side).  Texts, emails and whispered phone calls include the catch phrase "do you have the hockey bag".  This is code for HELP!! Life bites today!!  And somebody may die if things don't get better.  Even my mom will email me to ask for the hockey bag.

The picture above shows a smart bag that can fit a large "parcel" folded in two, has wheels for easy maneuvering and is sort of patriotic.

Over the years the network has grown and grown until one day in  a discussion with my friend Erin where the urgent need for hockey bags, ice pics and other "solution oriented tools" was being discussed the thought occurred that perhaps a boutique needed to be created that sold hockey bags in assortment of sizes and colours for the fashion minded murderess.  It was also discussed that shovels, ice pics, chainsaws, industrial strength cleaners and more could be supplied in a soothing and fun atmosphere.  And of course this collection of crime scene clear up equipment needed a suitable name.  And thus was born Fashionably Furious. 

Drop us a comment if you need the hockey bag and let us know size and colour( we are Canadian so despite spell check this is correct) preference.!

Check back soon

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  1. I have noted there are several typos, spelling mistakes and gaffs of grammar in here but I am too lazy to fix them. Suck it up Daffodil.